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Proven Success

A few of our most funded graduates…

Raised $94,628

Raised $67,498

Raised $51,652

Raised $20,367

Graduates of The Crowdfunding Factory have appeared in…

Unless you have a nest-egg of savings or a rich grandmother, chances are you don’t
have $20,000 laying around to sink into your clothing brand, but…

What if there was a way to raise money for your fashion startup with very little risk and without forking over thousands of dollars up front?

What if there was a way to test the market and attract customers before you even have a product to sell?

What if, instead of risking your hard-earned savings, you actually launched your company already having customers?

That’s right – customers first, money second, production third.

Sounds pretty nice, right?

Definitely better than starting a business based on a hunch
that people might buy what you’re making.

Well, thanks to crowdfunding — specifically Kickstarter — there is now a way
to get your fashion brand off the ground without risking your own money.

The only real risk is not knowing how to launch a successful Kickstarter
campaign in the first place.

And that’s where The Crowdfunding Factory comes in.

Learn more here:

And that’s where The Crowdfunding Factory comes in.

Learn more here:

And that’s where The Crowdfunding Factory comes in.

Learn more here:

We were fully funded in just 2 days… and Shark Tank reached out to talk. Thank you for your time, great guidance & great course. I really did follow as much as I could of it…in fact, I printed everything out and put it in a book that I used to make sure I had all the bases covered.

– Howie Busch, founder of DudeRobe, raised $67,498

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Your crowdfunding course has of course been a huge help…I’ve been singing its praises since working through it a few months ago, and constantly go back to reference it.

– Emma Kingsley, co-founder of Lady Farmer, raised $51,652